Amazon Augmented Reality
Amazon considering AR Augmented Reality furnature stores.

 Amazon Eyeing Augmented Reality to Expand its Offering

Looking to reach far beyond its books and grocery offering the retailer is apparently exploring the possibility of hosting technology in bricks and mortar spaces. Using augmented reality in-store you’d be able to visualize how items might look in your own abode.

Similar in concept to the layout and offering of Apple stores they’d likely have a heavy offering of their own hardware such as Echo speakers and services such as Prime video.

Of course Amazon might not go ahead if the exploratory phase proves it to be unworkable but it certainly shows a seismic shift in philosophy from a retailer were known for rendering physical stores extinct yet now looking to reinvigorate retail by using its online know-how.


Richard Corps, Co-Founder and MD at Ads Reality told LTMM

‘If this is implemented well, it could have a dramatic impact on the traditional furniture retailers. Amazon needs to ensure these new stores are very experiential otherwise the reason to visit disappears as such visualisation tools can be seen at home using your mobile. Amazon is moving fast and other retailers need to invest in innovation to prevent them being left behind. AR can allow any retailer to give their customers a virtual view of products in any location, creating an endless shopping aisle in their home.’