Galaxy S8 Sales Set To Smash All Smartphone Records – What Note 7?

Galaxy S8 Header
Galaxy S8 Header

Galaxy S8 Sales Set To Smash All Smartphone Records – What Note 7?

At the tail end of last year, things didn’t look great for Samsung. It had to recall the Galaxy NOTE 7 as a result of a faulty battery.  I think it’s fair to say that the NOTE 7 was literally ‘smoking’


According to the LA Times the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 cost Samsung a whopping $5.3 Billion. Let me repeat that.. 5.3 Billion Dollars!

So it’s an understatement to say that the Galaxy S8 launch is a big deal for Samsung Electronics and fortunately for Samsung Pre-orders are looking very strong. In fact they are already outpacing the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Looking at recent handsets like the Google Pixel it would seem that they are not going to provide too much competition, even the iPhone 7 looks positively antiquated next to it.

Galaxy S8 v Google Pixel
Google Pixel | Galaxy S8 | iPhone 7

Lets hope Apple can rock the boat again when September comes and produce an amazing handset to raise the bar again.

The one thing that has become clear is that mistakes like the Galaxy NOTE 7 can be forgiven and are soon forgotten as long as manufacturers continue to improve and innovate. Sorry about that statement, there may be a few Galaxy NOTE 7 owners who disagree with that but the general consensus is ‘Samsung.. all is forgiven’.

Which phone will you be buying this year?