Google Play UI
Google Play UI

Google Play is rolling out a new User Interface

Google has confirmed they are ready to deliver a major update to Google Play.. This will be the first big update in a long time, and that update is  already being delivered to Android Devices. Google is pushing the update out bit by bit as you would expect with there being more than a Billion Android Users worldwide.

The new Google Play UI is quite a considerable change aesthetically. Content is split into two different categories – Apps and Games (1) , and Entertainment (2). This makes it much easier to search with relevance and of course creates 2 areas for content providers to stand out at the top of the store.

According to “Google up to now has left the Android Wear compatibility information up to developers; they simply added the information in the app’s description or “what’s new” section.

That approach is far from ideal because there was no easy to way to find out if an Android app had a Wear component; at least not without a bunch of searching and reading.

Note that even with the new Google Play Store, the Android Wear compatibility icon isn’t front and center; it’s down on the bottom by the “Read More” link.”

Check your Google Play store regularly to see if it’s hit your device yet.