Google Mobile Friendly
Google Mobile Friendly

Non-mobile friendly sites are set to be punished.

If you haven’t noticed the shift toward mobile browsing, Google certainly has. Google announced that changes are coming to its search algorithm which will gauge whether or not your site is mobile-friendly, and demote it in relevant searches.
Yes.. That’s right! Demote your website!

With 40% of the UK’s internet Traffic being from a mobile device now it has become impossible for Google or anyone else to ignore.

Google’s mission has always been to connect the world to information (while making a profit of course). How can Google provide information in a format that can’t be read by someone using a mobile device? I understand Google’s stance with Non-Mobile Friendly websites but.. The trouble is that without much warning this is going to cost website owners more money that may not have been budgeted for.

You may have already noticed when using a mobile device that Google is already showing the words Mobile-friendly next to websites that are just that!


This obviously means that you need to have a mobile-ready website in place if you don’t want to be punished, and it’s not the only reason of course. But Google goes one step further in demoting sites that ARE mobile-ready, generally, but which contain certain mistakes.


Google has posted a list of common mistakes in smartphone sites, but here are some of the bigger issues (the ones that scare off visitors from websites) are:



  • Unplayable videos.
  • Pages not optimised for speedy loading on mobile devices.
  • Too many pictures.

So what now?
Get a mobile-friendly website or suffer the consequences.
If you’re currently considering a website re-design, seriously consider a responsive design (one website that renders to all device types) and ensure that you understand what it is that Google wants.

Don’t get caught out!