iT7x2 Giveaway
iT7x2 Giveaway

iT7x2 Headphones Giveaway Competition

We are giving away a fantastic set of iT7x2 Headphones to a lucky winner.

To enter our iT7x2 Headphones Giveaway Competition all you need to do is click on the link and follow the instructions iT7x2 Headphones Giveaway

About the iT7x2 Headphones

Acording to one of the strongest elements of the iT7x2 is the design and construction of the headphones themselves. The iT7x2, manufactured by audio company Bluechipworld, has dialled back the size, weight and dimensions from over- ear to on-ear.

Also, the shiny plastic surface that plagued the old iT7x has been replaced by a matte, mock-rubber finish that results in a really premium feel.

The band has a padded rubbery plastic underneath and is adjustable for different levels of comfort. Meanwhile, the foldable design means you can crack the band inwards for storage and transport. The iT7x2 comes with a zip-sealed rubber case for when you want to pack it away.

You’ll find all the relevant wireless controls on either side of the band next to the left ear-cup. This lets you turn the volume up or down, mute the track or skip backwards and forwards without having to get your smartphone or music player out of your pocket.

On the face of the ear-cup is the main power switch that doubles for Bluetooth pairing and answering incoming calls. At first, these controls are a tad fiddly to use, but give it some time and it becomes easy – especially if you’re a left-hander.

On the right cup is where you’ll find the ‘NFC zone’ where you can sync your smartphone or NFC-enabled wireless device to the headphones. Holding the two together for 3-5 seconds establishes a connection and enables the Bluetooth pairing. Inside the box is a 3.5mm cable, in case you don’t want to use the wireless option.

Good Luck

Good luck to you all and remember the more actions you take in the iT7x2 Headphones Giveaway competition the higher your chances are of winning.

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