Misfit Ray
Misfit Ray

Misfit Ray Overview

Sleek and stylish! Misfit moved on from the traditional design of its circular tracker to offer something a little more discrete.. Enter the Misfit Ray. It looks like a bracelet, sits alongside other bangles nicely and can be worn as a necklace or anklet.


It does a good job at staying fairly unisex. Measuring just 3 mm in length and weighing just 8g. It is water resistant up to 50m.
Misfit Ray 1
Misfit Ray
The unit itself pulls apart to reveal three replaceable batteries. It has up to six months battery life. You can see the battery level in the Misfit app. What this essentially means it there is no charging involved,  which makes me feel a lot happier towards any wearable device.
This is an activity tracker, it will count your steps,  measure distance walked and estimate calories burned. It can track activities such as yoga, cycling, swimming and dancing.
The Misfit app is broken down into scrollable stories and is very easy to sync.  It is sleek, clean and alerts are switched on using your smartphone.
It has a subtle vibrate and a blue blinking light for messages and green to indicate a call. You can also use the smart-alarm feature to wake you up using vibration.
A nice activity feature is Misfit Move, which means that the tracker will vibrate when you’ve been sitting still for an hour to prompt you to get off your backside.
The sleep tracker is impressive and informs you of what kind of sleep or sleeplessness you have had. You can edit the sleep and awake times in the app.
I am very obsessed with this device. Mine is 3 months old and I highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a fitness tracker.