If you’re looking to try the Nespresso Inissia pod coffee system, there may be no better machine than the Inissia. Its incredibly compact and light at just 2.4kg, and has plenty of functionality for an entry level model.

Its tiny compared to the slimily priced machines and at just 14cm wide, there’s no kitchen that would be too small for it to squeeze into. Surprisingly, the dimensions haven’t impacted on the size of the water tank. It fits more than you might expect at 700ml. The tank has a lid to prevent spillages from tap to machine.

As well as a perforated removable drip tray, there’s an eternal bin for used pods, so several drinks can be made before it needs emptying. The cable length is average at 33cm but gives a little flexibility as to where its positioned.

There are only two buttons to contend with, espresso and lungo, which also serve as on and off. Its ready to make coffee in 25 seconds from switching it on.


Inserting a capsule involves rotating the front bar backwards, which opens up a slot for it to drop into. Getting this into the slot involves a little practice, as a few times it wasn’t in the right position and wouldn’t close fully. Once the bar is returned to the front, its just a matter of choosing a long or short coffee. Rotating the bar back again releases the used capsule.

The drip tray is hinged, so it can b flipped up to make from for large cups. This hinge is worth remembering as a few times during testing, liquid from the drip tray was spilled as it was emptied. Its handy energy saving mode means that it will switch itself off if you forget.

The Inissia might have a limited drinks menu, but the coffee it produces if just as good as the other Nespresso machines. It has a generous three year guarantee, which is longer than most. It is compact, portable and easy to use. A winner for me!