Quality Coffee on a budget with the Tassimo Vivy 11

Tassimo Vivy, Coffee Maker, Coffee

Quality Coffee on a budget with the Tassimo Vivy 11

Maybe your a student in Halls of residence and don’t fancy spending over a £100 on a coffee machine that could end up getting stolen or abused.. Maybe you are just looking for a quality cup of coffee on a budget, either way you should probably look no further than the Tassimo Vivy 11.

Tassimo Vivy, Coffee
Tassimo Vivvy 11

You want a coffee maker that is durable, long lasting and has great features but is not expensive. . Unfortunately coffee makers that have great build quality and use the latest coffee systems usually, often.. have prices that exceed your budget. However, I don’t want to compromise quality for the sake of wanting to save money. So imagine my great joy when I found this Tassimo  vivy 11 coffee maker. It’s very affordable and has all of the things I look for in a coffee maker for no money at all!

It was designed to be small and compact, making it easy for me to fit this machine into tiny spaces. I didn’t have to worry about it crowding my kitchen counter because it really doesn’t take too much space. It’s easy to store as well because it basically fits into my cupboard whenever I want to keep it in storage.

This machine fits the bill! There are dozens of varieties of drinks to choose from.. latte to tea and even hot chocolate. This fact is amazing because I can make the kids a hot chocolate before bed and I get my morning coffee all from the same easy clean machine.

This coffee maker allows us to enjoy different drinks depending on what mood we’re in. It has a removable 0.7 L tank that is easy to clean and can make up to 3 to 4 drinks without refilling it. It has a high tech feel in it because of its intellibrew system or its barcode technology that scans the drink that you have selected. Once the machine identifies the drink, it will automatically adjust the water that is needed for the drink, as well as the temperature and the brewing time.

Another thing that I really love about this coffee maker is its energy efficient flow technology that saves energy by only heating the required amount of water needed for a specific drink.

It’s altogether an amazing little machine. My kitchen is small and it fits in perfectly. The whole family love the huge range of drinks it produces. They retail from £79. Although you can grab one for as little as 20 quid second hand on Gumtree.com Grab yourself a bargain.