Galaxy S8 S8+
Galaxy S8 S8+

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review – Unboxed our Phone

Samsung unleash the S8 and S8+ – Are they the iPhone killers we’ve been waiting for There is an easy answer to the iPhone killing question. No one is looking to kill the iPhone. Outfits are looking to create an Android device that can’t be ignored by Apple users, it is a huge ask. The Samsung S7 went a fair way to tempting a few Apple die-hards over perhaps, efforts from Huawei and Google are impressive enough but this S8 from Samsung and it’s multi-million quid ad campaign is the closest we’ve been to tempting Apple devotees.

It is definitely the phone that Android users will be salivating over, converting this to an actual purchase is going to take a bit more persuasion as the S8 is the priciest Android device (almost) on the market.

The S8 at a glance:


  • An amazing display for watching films and such, even better when the HDR content arrives.
  • Top notch camera
  • Design of supermodel status
  • User interface the best from Sammy yet


  • Questionable internal speaker
  • Bixby not fully realised as yet
  • Expensive

The new Galaxy S8 and S8+ are pretty much the same device, aside battery life and screen sizes each one offers the same experience and so it purely down to a simple which one fits and no other considerations at all. We’re huge fans of that right off the mark, all other manufacturers phone specs can vary on camera and display resolution so thanks Samsung.

The entire campaign to tempt us toward the buy button has centred on the #unboxyourphone wording and this, for those who have been staying in Outer Mongolia the past few weeks, alludes to the Infinity Display. This dual-edge, 18.5:9 display offers a whopping 6.2inch display on the Galaxy S8+ – This is bigger than the iPhone 7 Plus yet the device is slimmer.

Controls have been shifted onto the display and the top logo bar is gone, Samsung have avoided moving controls onto the display for ages but they’ve gone for it this time and even shoved the fingerprint scanner to the back of the device and a pressure-sensitive home button to underneath the display – Bold stuff.

So, we’ve a stunning Infinity display, super fast processor, significantly improved cameras and both facial and iris recognition. There does appear to be a problem and Samsung know all about it.

A few early adopters are reporting issues with the Galaxy S8 screen where it suffers from a strange red-tint. Samsung has acknowledged the issue and is rolling out an urgent fix for the problem and have also said they’ll release a software-based patch next week that should address the issue.


So, hang onto your approaching £700 for bit, that headline figure for the price of an S8 is reckoned not to be that pricey as Samsung spend £240 to build each one and we’ll not deny them some profit.  The price gets you just about the best Android around and you’ll get considering the specs and features you get some AKG-tuned – It might for some be seen as a bargain.