Samsung Galaxy Alpha
Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Most of us Samsung Galaxy Alpha owners are probably already a bit miffed at having paid full price for a device that is now available for less than half of it’s original retail price. Having said that there is no doubting that it is the best phone in it’s class by a country mile.


The problem lays here… I can’t help feeling like we are being treated like second class citizens by Samsung. We pay a small fortune for a device that was the same price as Samsung’s flagship model the Galaxy S5 when it was released and yet we are STILL waiting for an update that other devices got LAST YEAR!!! More than half a year later!


I don’t want to use software to root my phone. I don’t want to use a foreign version of the update and change the language settings. I don’t want to use Samsung Kies to update a non legitimate version of the software. What we need Samsung.. Is to be treated like an owner of a premium device. A device that we paid you good money for.


Rant over.


Here are some essential downloads for anyone who doesn’t feel the same way that I do but still wan’t the update:


Samsung Kies:


Odin Download: